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Stroke Muscle SpasmIf you experienced a stroke and still suffer from muscle spasms, weakness, pain, or disability, Dr. Taub may be able to help.  Even if you have already completed a course of rehabilitation, the expert services of Dr. Taub may be able to further the recovery you have already achieved.

Myth: Stroke survivors reach maximum rehabilitation potential after 6 months.

It is widely believed, even among the medical community, that people cannot progress their stroke recovery after six months.  Research over the past few years has proven this belief untrue.  An examination and consultation with Dr. Taub may reveal treatment options that can further your stroke recovery.

Success with Botox for Stroke Survivors

You may have heard of using Botox to reduce wrinkles in the face.  Recent research has shown impressive results with using Botox (botulinum toxin A) to improve the condition of stroke survivors.  Dr. Taub has also achieved good results with this treatment in his private physiatry practice. 

Botox relaxes muscles.  If you suffer from muscle spasms caused by a previous stroke, those spasms interfere with motor control.  Those spasms cause muscle weakness and pain.  By identifying and targeting the problematic muscles with Botox, Dr. Taub can:

  • Reduce muscle spasm
  • Reduce pain
  • Increase strength (including the strength of hand gripping)
  • Improve motor control (making it easier to button a shirt or maintain balance while standing)

While benefits may be achieved for people with a long-standing condition, results may be more rapid and more dramatic when Botox treatments start closer to the time of the stroke.  Call the office of Dr. Taub today to schedule an examination and consultation.

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