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July, 2016

Instant Mindfulness Tool

In this exercise, we combine humming (bee breath in the yoga or Pranayama tradition), and ‘360’degree peripheral vision. This combination of activities temporarily eliminates the internal dialogue that blocks mindfulness. This tool results in a mindful state in seconds.

  1. Begin the exercise by sitting quietly or walking in a safe area at a leisurely pace.
  2. Breathe through the nose and with each exhale hum with a wasp-like buzzing.
  3. Then look peripherally as though trying to see behind you on both the left and the right sides.

Within a short time you should notice the lack of inner speech production and a restful state. The lack of constant inner speech can be uncomfortable for some people, who believe that they may cease to exist at all without this inner narration. However over time you will realize that you have a more clear sense of self that exists separate from the constant chatter in your mind.

These exercises will become easier with short sessions of only 5-10 minutes.

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