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The Cost-Effective Option for
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Neal Taub, MD:

Have you considered stem cell injections for your chronic knee pain but were discouraged by the high out-of-pocket cost? A lower-cost but highly effective advanced treatment is available for knee, back, heel, shoulder pain, and more.

You should consider prolotherapy. Prolotherapy involves injecting a concentrated glucose solution rather than stem cells. It appears to work by stimulating healing, much the same way that stem cell injections may work.

The main difference is cost. Stem cell injections average $5,000 - not covered by insurance. At The Taub Group, prolotherapy costs $400-$500 per session,* with a series of 4 sessions recommended. Although prolotherapy is not covered by insurance or Medicaid/Medicare, the cost is a small fraction of the cost of stem cell injections.

We have nearly 30 years of experience with prolotherapy and 20 years of experience with platelet-rich plasma injections. Over fifty research articles have found prolotherapy to be an effective treatment for back and joint pain. On the other hand, the research on stem cell injections shows them to be modestly effective, if that.

A recent quote from a review in a prestigious orthopedic journal states, "In conclusion, the efficacy of cellular (stem cell) therapy injections has not yet been established. The value . . . of cell therapy in orthopedics remains unclear”.

In contrast, the effectiveness of prolotherapy has been demonstrated in multiple research trials. A recent quote from a very large review of much of the research on prolotherapy notes, “The results of this . . . review indicate that . . . prolotherapy conferred a positive, significant beneficial effect . . . in the treatment of knee OA (arthritis with chronic pain)”.

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Research Shows Prolotherapy Improves These Conditions Even After Conventional Approaches Fail

Knee Pain / Knee Osteoarthritis1-3
Shoulder Pain (Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy)4
Tennis Elbow (lateral epicondylosis)5,6
Ankle Pain (Achilles Tendinopathy)7,8
Groin Pain (Groin Adductor Tendinopathy)9
Heel Pain (Chronic Plantar Fasciopathy)10
Dysfunctional Sacroiliac Joint11,12

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Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Prolotherapy results in superior long-term pain improvement compared to physical therapy plus placebo.
Depression research with LDN
Substantial reduction of chronic shoulder pain.

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*Price ranges current as of November 19, 2022. Please review current costs of your prescribed treatment plan during your consultation.

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