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New Treatments and Breakthrough Research
Behavioral Health, Charlotte NC

If you are experiencing behavioral health challenges such as depression, bipolar depression, PTSD, or severe anxiety, you are far from alone. For many of these conditions, first-line treatments leave a significant portion of patients to suffer long-term disability from behavioral health challenges. Fortunately, medicine has more to offer than standard approaches, and that’s where The Taub Group helps most.

The Taub Group specializes in new and breakthrough treatments that go beyond what doctors were taught in medical school years ago. Research in behavioral health is finding important roles for drugs such as scopolamine, baclofen, naltrexone, and ketamine – all of which work differently than traditional antidepressant medications. Their different mechanisms of action mean that hope is still available even when first-line antidepressants and other medications have fallen short.

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Research from Doctors at Harvard Medical School
Low-Dose Naltrexone found to help patients on antidepressants after breakthrough symptoms.
New Depression Treatment Research - LDN Helps with Depression
Scopolamine and naltrexone have rapid acting benefits for depression.
Current Psychiatry Reports Baclofen and SSRIs - Doctors Journal
In PTSD, Baclofen helps the effects SSRIs by activating brain receptors in a different way.
Biological Psychiatry Doctors Journal
Strong results in treatment-resistant depression in 4 to 72 hours and 70% decrease in depression scores after six treatments.

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