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Suboxone® Treatment Plans

More than two million Americans struggle with addiction to opioids (opiate medication such as Vicodin, Oxycontin, and Demerol). Well managed Suboxone treatment plans enable people to overcome that addiction. When prescribed appropriately, Suboxone replaces the opioid addiction. Then the Suboxone can be tapered off slowly with a minimum of withdrawal symptoms. Suboxone does not create the same euphoric effect as methadone. It can be tapered off more successfully than methadone, and Suboxone has a lower risk of over-taking and toxicity.

We provide Suboxone treatment plans for patients serious about overcoming addiction. While compassion and understanding are hallmarks of addiction treatment at The Taub Group, we provide Suboxone Treatment plans in a respectful, professional, medical-office environment free of Methadone.

For more technical information on Suboxone Treatment Plans, see our article: Office-Based Treatment for Opioid Dependence.

Assessment & Counseling

The Taub Group promotes a complete, professional approach to overcoming opiate addiction. For many, opiate addiction begins with the need to manage physical pain. As a leading pain medicine center in Charlotte, The Taub Group can effectively address opiate addiction while not neglecting the need for pain control. For others, opioid addiction may have began with a life event or psychological distress. The Taub Group refers to person-centered counseling to address the psychological components of recovery.

Regardless of how your troubles with opioids began, your recovery begins here and now. No matter where you are at this moment, no matter what time it is, please contact us now to schedule a consultation.

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New Alternative in Pain Pill and Heroin Addiction Treatment
with the first month free.
Our Suboxone program is often full. As an alternative, we are offering a medication program for pain pill and heroin addiction during the periods when the Suboxone program is full. The new program uses combined scopolamine and naltrexone therapy. Both of these medicines are shown to help with cravings and withdrawal symptoms. For a limited time, Dr. Taub is offering the first month of treatment including medicine at no charge. Call the office at (704) 405-0868 for more information.
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